Kalsium+D3 + K2 + Mg, 90 tablets

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Calcium stores in good condition!

 Calcium nutritional supplement

Adequate calcium intake is important for bone and dental well-being. Calcium is needed at any age, and the daily requirement for an adult is about 800 mg.

the need for human calcium varies with age, sex and size, and for women pregnancy, lactation, menopause, as well as increasing the need for calcium. In adult adolescents, the accumulation of calcium stores is especially important to keep bones strong even in older age.

Calcium is best obtained from dairy products, but also from nuts, cabbage and soybeans, for example. Especially if the use of dairy products is low, a lime preparation is a sensible addition.


1-2 tablets a day.

The daily dose includes:

Calcium 400-800 mg (50-100% *)
Vitamin D3 25-50 (g (500-100% *)
Vitamin K2 25-50µg (33-66% *)
Magnesium 100-200 mg (27-54% *)

* the daily intake reference value

The recommended dose should not be exceeded. The supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Not to the reach of children.
    Milk 240 ml of whole cow's milk contains 276 mg of a useful mineral, and skim milk contains 352 mg. ...
    Cheese Parmesan contains the most calcium - 330 mg or 33% of the daily value per 30 g of product. ...
    Yogurt ...
    Canned Salmon and Sardines ...
    Seeds, nuts and dried fruits ...
    Beans and beans ...
    Green vegetables and herbs ...
    Cereals and grains

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