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Joint Bundle 2 - Seralgin and ArthroQ Together (G, L)

This package is for you who are sure to have both vitamin D and ubiquinone production at a sufficient level in the liver. You also move with your capillaries open to deliver important nutrients to the articular cartilage. Otherwise, it is a good idea to get the Joint Bundle 1.
Includes: The package contains two products: ArthroQ and Seralgin

Ingredient Content: Type 2 collagen protein 300 mg. Vitamin C 160 mg. Manganese 2 mg. Filler: microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin (capsule).
Pack of 60 capsules.

Ingredient Content: Serratiopeptidase 100,000 U. Boswellia serrata extr. 250 mg, of which acetyl boswellic acid 160 mg. Vegetable cellulose capsule. Magnesium salts of vegetable fats.
Pack of 60 capsules.

Instructions for use: ArthroQ: Recommended daily dose: 1-2 capsules with liquid in the evening.

Seralgin: Recommended daily dose: 1-2 capsules

If, after 3 months of regular use, you have not responded adequately, it is recommended that you consult an Authorized Physiotherapist or other therapist for a Joint Treatment. They are able to check whether joint problems are caused by, for example, a misalignment or other load failure in the body.
The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Nutritional supplement is no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

There's so much more to the joint package 1!

Joint Kit 1 promotes collagen formation for normal cartilage and bone function.

Joint Kit 1 also promotes normal energy metabolism and normal functioning of the nervous system.

It helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness.


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