Terranova Life Drink Complex 227g Vegan

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A very nutritious and comprehensive drink mix, superfood in the true sense of the word! Terranova Life Drink is designed for you who want to choose a natural and comprehensive way to maintain your health.
Life Drink includes eg. high in plant protein, fresh freeze-dried plant, berry and mushroom powders, concentrated whole foods and other natural active food ingredients, as well as enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, fatty acids and fiber.

Terranova Life Drink is the healthiest way to start your day. Experience the change!
Directions for use: Mix a spoonful (about 12 g) a day with smoothie, water or juice.

Nutritional supplement is no substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Natural products for lifestyle.
Lactose-free Gluten-free Sugar-free Yeast No additives

When skin symptoms emerge, Terranova Life Drink is an excellent nutritional supplement for those suffering from poor digestion. An easy way to include a lot of different vitamins, minerals and other protective nutrients in your diet in a completely natural form. Terranova Life Drink also contains probiotics that support intestinal health.

Terranova Life Drink is a nourishing and holistic nutritional powder; superfood in the true sense of the word.

Terranova Life Drink has been developed for you who want to choose a natural and holistic way to maintain your health and ensure that you receive nutrients that support the well-being of your body and skin in a highly absorbable form.

Life Drink contains freeze-dried plant powders, concentrated whole foods and other natural food active ingredients. Life Drink contains numerous amounts of naturally occurring phytonutrients, trace elements, proteins, enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, essential fatty acids, fiber and more. Due to lactic acid bacteria, probiotics and digestive enzymes, it promotes the well-being of the skin and body in many ways.

Life Drink contains pea and rice protein and is also suitable for those who follow an avoidance diet due to skin symptoms, for example. In addition, the amino acid structure of rice protein is optimal from the point of view of collagen production.

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