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A complex nutrient that activates cell renewal in the roots of the hair.

Acomax hair capsule is a special nutrient for hair follicles. It activates cell regeneration and promotes the formation of hair material and pigment. The capsule contains effective antioxidants.

For hereditary baldness -For male pattern hair loss (DHT) -For hormonal hair loss -For elderly hair loss -For the treatment of baldness.
The Acomax hair science combination contains the most effective known nutrients required for strong hair growth. The product contains a new hornbeam extract, the hair-growing effect of which has been known for hundreds of years. Iron, which is required for hair growth, is now also one of the active ingredients. Other ingredients in the product include Biotin, or vitamin H, which promotes the maintenance of normal hair, scalp, skin, and mucous membranes and enables the most efficient production of keratin. Pantothenic acid is an essential substance for the success of keratin production. Vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid.


a powerful complex of natural elements for strengthening hair, against hair loss and baldness 2 capsules a day Take several courses 4-5 Hair follicles are restored and strengthened with the help of shampoo and hair balm from the same series. It is recommended to start the course with tablets. Next, turn on the serum. And further hair care is recommended to be carried out with shampoo and balm.

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