New Acomax Conditioner 250 ml

Acomax Conditioner 250 ml

Delivery weight: 250 g

Extra Strong Iron 100 mg



Extra Strong Iron 100 mg

Delivery weight: 79 g

New Ginseng Strong 60 pills

Ginseng Strong  


Vitabalans. Oy 


Delivery weight: 60 g

Green Detox-plaster 10 pcs package

The Green Detox foot plaster is a simple, effective and natural way to clean your body.

10.50 €
1 pack(s) = 0.75 €
You save 29 %
Delivery weight: 100 g


12.90 / kg
Delivery weight: 1 kg

New Kultahera drink 330 ml

Kulta Hera– Finnish gold serum

with a volume of 330 ml.

 A drink made from whey and pear fruit will relax at the end of the day and give you a healthy, sound sleep.

Powerful natural energy drink. It contains more than 200 active ingredients, including valuable proteins. The serum is relevant to athletes to gain muscle mass. It also improves skin and hair conditions. It supports the normal work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems and improves immunity. Gold Serum is a good natural drink and for "whole family". It improves sleep, supports the work of the stomach, and also supports the health of the genitourinary system, in particular, it stops the process of prostatic hyperplasia

12.60 €
1 ml = 0.03 €
You save 24 %
Delivery weight: 330 g

Joint and back bundle 2, Seralgin + ArthroQ - Q Medi

Joint and backbundle 2,

Seralgin + ArthroQ

Q Medi


Oxytarm 120 pills


Bowel movement

120 pills


Best before 12/2020

29.50 €
You save 20 %
Delivery weight: 100 g

Regulat Pro Bio 350 ml - Harmonia Life Oy

Regulatpro Bio, natural concentrate, 350ml. 

Delivery weight: 360 g

Regulat Pro Metabolic 350 ml - Harmonia

Regulatpro Metabolik, 350 ml natural concentrate. This is truly a good combination of orange juice, vegetables, fruits and nuts. The product normalizes metabolism, improves digestion. Strengthens the immune system and nourishes the body with energy.

Delivery weight: 350 g

New Smoked perch 210/150 g

Smoked perch 150/210 g

5.40 €
210 g = 6.23 €
You save 18 %
Delivery weight: 210 g

Viridian Sports Multi 60caps

Viridian Sports Multi 60kps


Visiobalance Opti 60 tabl

Visiobalance Opti    

60 tabl


Gelée Royale Activity 1000 - Queen jelly

 Gelée Royale Activity 1000 - Queen jelly


Aboa Medica


Sola Soap travel box

Sola Travel Box C


Delivery weight: 30 g

Femiglandin® GLA+E 50 ml

Femiglandin® GLA+E 50 ml

Cold pressed primrose oil, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate
Delivery weight: 0.05 g

Omega7 Lipstick organic, buckthorn oil,

NEW  Omega7  Lipstick!

7.90 €
You save 18 %

Carmolis Herbal drops, 80ml

Carmolis Herbal drops

Package size: 80 ml

Delivery weight: 80 g

Neuroglandin Forte 36 caps.

Exact nutrition for your brain.

Delivery weight: 30 g

SOS "Morning Doctor" long-acting vitamin patches

SOS "Morning Doctor" Vitaminy long-lasting patch. 12 hours

SOS Health Blue Morning Vitamin Patches help restore the vitamins and nutrients your body loses while consuming alcohol. Vitamins are absorbed from the patch within 12 hours.

Morning Doctor long-acting vitamin patch.
One patch contains:

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 75mg, Vitamin C 12mg, Green Tea Extract 7mg, Eau de Toilette Extract 7mg, Artichoke Extract 7mg, Chromium Picolinate 20mg, Vitamin B3 19mg, Vitamin E 10mg, Vitamin B12 1000µg, Vitamin B5 Vitamin 2mg, Vitamin B2 1.7g, Vitamin A 1mg, Vitamin B9 4000µg, Vitamin D 5µg



Alcohol addiction obscures the appearance of stress. To improve your mood and boost your health throughout the day, a 24 hour patch will help. One patch is applied to the upper arm. Apply the patch to dry, clean skin. Hold the patch for up to 24 hours. Vitamin absorption begins within 30 minutes of application. After use, the patch can be disposed of as mixed waste. Avoid contact with oxidizing agents.

10.00 €
You save 11 %
Delivery weight: 0.06 kg

New Acomax Hair serum

Acomax Hair Serum 50 ml. Strong anti-hair loss remedy, the Acomax Hair serum belongs to a new generation of products. The composition includes herbal ingredients and an old recipe. Suitable for men and women. Strengthens hair follicles, awakens them to growth. Alopecia can be defeated.

32.90 €
You save 27 %
Delivery weight: 50 g
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