Smoked vendace in oil 800/550 g

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1 kg = 26.55 €

The secrets of delicious fish food are the pure nature, quality raw materials and professionalism. All this combined the canned fish Savumuikku from Pielisen Kalajaloste Oy. This classic fish will decorate both a festive and everyday table; perfect for lunch or a working snack; worthily compile a list of dishes for a picnic and help you easily and quickly refresh yourself on any trip.

The basis of this canned food is the white fish. Hot smoking of which is carried out with alder smoke and keeps as close as possible to the optimal heat treatment mode.

The composition of Savumuikku includes only the white fish, canola oil and salt (a percentage that does not exceed 1.9). 100 g of the product contains 21 g of valuable protein, 0.6 g of saturated fatty acids and a total of 182 kcal.

It does not contain any additives or preservatives.

A special family technology of hot smoking allows saving all the benefits of the product for the consumer. A different packaging format will help you choose the most suitable jar of canned food for your purposes, whether it is the need for a nutritious snack on a trip, on a hike; noisy crowded holiday or a modest quiet lunch.

Savumuikku canned foods are presented in three different weight variants: 210, 800 and 1170 g, and the weight of the fish, respectively: 150, 550 and 880 g.

Store the product in the refrigerator, not exceeding the temperature of +6 ° C.

Producer: Pielisen Kalajaloste Oy, Nurmes (Finland). The family company was built in 1994 on a passion for fishing and a love of the native scenic area. In North Karelia, there is a lake of incredible beauty called Pielinen. It is in very this ecologically clean lake that the best fish is harvested to create a masterpiece for your table, guaranteeing the safety of all the nutritional value of the product at all stages of production and transportation. The head of the company, Marcus Tolva, has been guided by the desire to bring a part of the holiday to everyday food of people in every corner of the world thanks to ethical natural wild fish. This is a kind of environmental act, because eating wild fish balances fish stocks.

Opening every new jar of Savumuikku from Pielisen Kalajaloste Oy, you will always experience the true passion of the fisherman; you can fully enjoy the taste and aesthetic appearance of your "catch"; saturate the body with the necessary supply of energy, as well as maximize the benefits of natural environmentally friendly fish. And may luck always be on your hook!

Smoked vendace in oil
Smoked vendace,rapeseed oil and salt 2%. Domestic clean Pielinen's vendace in oil without additives. Taste experience for celebration and everyday life. Gift for friends!

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