Fytocomplex Kurkuma 10000 mg

Fytocomplex Kurkuma 10000 mg

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The strong 95% Fyto-Complex Turmeric Extract is almost completely absorbed when compared to fresh turmeric, which has a poor initial release and rapid disappearance from the blood.
It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and general well-being properties. Strong composition, useful for bone, joints, muscles, nervous system and circulation. It has all the studied effects of turmeric but also piperine and ginger. Fyto-Complex Turmeric plus piperine is a new product line that has an up-to-date impact.

All known properties of curcumin are enhanced by longer life in the body due to piperine as it increases the bioavailability of curcumin up to 2000%

 Studies have shown that the liver eliminates curcumin from the body at an unexpected rate. It has a half-life of 20 minutes, so the action time is easily short. Thanks to piperine, curcumin remains active for 2000% longer. Fyto-Complex Turmeric contains as much piperine in one capsule as if you were eating a tablespoon of black pepper - every day. In addition, all active ingredients in Fyto-Complex Kurcum are dry extracts and almost pure active ingredients. They are absorbed efficiently and freely.

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