MOVO-Rose berry powder 200g

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Danish farmer Erik Hansen used to eat fresh rosehips every day. He noticed that his joints remained supple, even though he was already old. Because the connection between consuming the rosehip and the mobility of the joints was so clear, he began to develop gentle drying and grinding methods to get the rosehip all year round. Erik also distributed rosehip powder to his friends and acquaintances. After collecting about 5,000 letters of thanks from satisfied users, Erik contacted the research team.

After three years of clinical and laboratory work, we were able to identify the GOPO galactolipid present in this rosehip in the Langeland region of Denmark. For more than fifteen years now, the University of Copenhagen, the Rikshospitalet and the Danish Agricultural Research have been studying the ability of the GOPO rosehip to maintain joint mobility. MOVO rosehip preparations use the same Langeland rosehips that Erik also enjoyed and have a high GOPO galactolipid content.

MOVO-Rose berry powder is made from the whole berry - peel, fruit flesh, and seeds. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away (Whole food Concentrate).

Rosehip naturally contains an abundant amount of vitamin C, which promotes the normal formation of collagen for the normal functioning of articular cartilage. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

1-2 measuring spoons per day (2.5-5 g). The powder can be mixed with a portion of cool food or drink.

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