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Bertil's Zinc tablets from Finland contain amino acid chelated Zinc. It is the most absorbable form of zinc that does not irritate the stomach. Optimal absorption also guarantees the best possible health effects for zinc. Zinc is needed to maintain resistance, support fertility and testosterone levels, for the construction of omega-3 fatty acids important to the brain.

Zinc is also an important trace element in all body building and regeneration activities. Its effects are most visible in the well-being of rapidly regenerating tissues such as skin, hair and nails.


- Maintaining resistance
- A tasty and easy-to-enjoy chewing tablet
- Also suitable for regular long-term use
- Chewable Kelasin Zinc Acetate is an excellent preparation for increasing zinc intake.

- For adult women and men
- For fitness and active athletes

Contains: Sweetener xylitol, zinc bisglycinate 8%, zinc acetate 3%, emulsifier fatty acid magnesium salts, natural black currant and citrus aroma.

The amino acids of chelated zinc are of plant origin.
Free from lactose, gluten, sugar, yeast and ingredients of animal origin.

Directions for use: Dosage for adults and over 12 years: 1 tablet 8 times daily for up to 7 days.
The tablet is slowly chewed in the mouth.

For regular use; 1 tablet daily.

Restrictions on use and considerations for use. The maximum recommended daily dose of zinc for regular, long-term use in adults is 25 mg. The nature of the regimen is very important when the resistance is increased with higher amounts of zinc than the recommended daily intake.
The daily dose of 8 tablets is recommended for adults and over 12 years of age.

Zinc can cause some people to have a mild transient feeling of nausea within about 0.5 hours of taking the tablet. Symptoms are often avoidable when a tablet is taken with a meal.

Chewing a zinc tablet causes a slight burning sensation in the back of the mouth and in the throat. The phenomenon is normal is the result of zinc so-called. external effect on the pharyngeal mucosa.

Abundant zinc intake may impair our body's ability to utilize copper in our diet. Copper supplements are also recommended for long-term and regular users of zinc.

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