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Salt Barrel®: a respiratory cleanser and allergy relief agent.

At the end of the last century, allergic, asthmatic and other respiratory diseases have increased dramatically.

The increase in respiratory diseases is a direct consequence of the massive air pollution that affects our bodies every day. Because we simply cannot protect ourselves against polluted air, it is clear that our airways need to be cleaned and maintained, as well as our skin and hair, for example. Cave therapies and salt rooms are very popular because by inhaling their microscopic salt crystals floating in the air, we clean and maintain our airways. These therapies are usually very expensive, time consuming and tied to a specific location.

Salt Barrel® is a patented tool that enables us to enjoy the benefits of salt crystal therapy anywhere, anytime. The ceramic filter contains salt crystals from one of Europe's most famous health caves, which are statistically effective at 90% efficiency. The salt pipe® is made of stone ceramics. The surface is glazed, so cleaning is easy with a damp wipe.

The device contains so-called. halite-salt crystals that were formed during the Middle Miocene. Inhaled through Salt Chimney® ceramic filters, 12-16 million years old, health-promoting active ingredients reach humidified points in the respiratory tract with moist air.

The salt barrel® weighs approximately 180g when filled. If you are unsure whether your barrel has any salt left over, weigh your barrel. When empty, it weighs about 120-130g. This salt pipe is not refillable. The salt crystal mixture contained in the salt pipe will last up to three (3) years on regular use.

With a few minutes of daily use, we can make a positive difference:
- pollen and other allergies
- asthma, bronchitis
- chronic respiratory tract infections, rhinitis
- communicable diseases of the respiratory tract
- respiratory problems caused by tobacco smoking.

Active ingredients of the device: 50-60 grams of middle Miocene-derived halite selected mixture of salt crystals: NaCl 98.7%, CaSO4 0.1%, MgCl 0.028%, CaCl2 0.13%, Fe2O3 0.00056%, additionally slightly K, J and Br.

Device usage:
The opening in the mouth is inhaled, exhaled from the nose, with normal effectiveness. Breathing too effectively is unnecessary and avoidable. After the cleaning process begins, old impurities are eliminated by coughing and nasal bleeding. The normal operating time of the device is 15 - 20 min/day, but the treatment duration can be increased, for example, to 1-2 hours/day. For best results, the device is used daily, not just occasionally.

Cleaning the device:
Wet towel on the outside. Do not allow water to enter the unit.

The color spot on the side of the barrel is for personalizing the barrel, so a family member of color recognizes his or her own. The rubber part on the barrel is a valve. It will not be removed or your finger will be held on it.

Possible Initial Symptoms:
After the cleaning process begins, old impurities are eliminated by coughing and nasal bleeding. In some cases, the blood pressure may rise temporarily to a small extent when you start using it. You can reduce the cleansing symptoms by starting gradually using the salt pipe: first 5 min/day, then 10 min/day, and so on.

Hygiene product.

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