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Your Liver can handle stress! With Securella!


Curcumin is obtained from the dried root of the spicy plant turmeric.

Selenium is an important trace element for humans
Selenium is obtained mainly from cereals, meat, fish and cheese. Finland's soils are poor in selenium, so since 1985, selenium has been added to fertilizers and animal feed. International recommendations for consumption range from 50 to 200 / g / day. The daily dose of Secura (2 tablets) is 100 mcg.
Selenium protects the body from oxidative stress and the harmful effects of mercury and other heavy metals. Helps strengthen hair, nails and eyes and maintain elasticity of the skin.
The most important biological effects of selenium:
- Antioxidant action of cells, i.e. antioxidant, central to the processes associated with aging
- An essential factor in the production of metabolic thyroid hormone.
- The effect of stimulating oxygen metabolism.
- Protective effect on the liver, heart, lungs, pancreas and prostate.
- Immunoactivating effect.
Methylselenocysteine ​​(Se-MSC) is a naturally occurring selenium compound found in plants such as garlic, broccoli, and onions. Like methylselenocysteine, selenium is effectively absorbed. It goes directly into cells and is immediately available for important enzymes.
Includes: The daily dose includes:
curcumin 400 mg,
resveratol 100 mg,
100 micrograms selenium.
Instructions for use: Dosage: two tablets per day.
This food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Natural products for the lifestyle.

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