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Coniferous extract drink is enjoyed 1-2 dl daily, or 3-4 dl daily if necessary. It is recommended to take the drink first in the morning and about an hour before meals during the day.
Coniferous Drink is suitable for all ages! We recommend a drink for daily use.
A powerful stimulant for your body!
Based on the experience of over four decades and thousands of users, it is safe to say that the Coniferous Extract drink contains exactly the natural nutrients that the human body needs daily to maintain itself.


Finnish spring water and Finnish young pine bark and Nila. 0.3 grams of pine bark and nila are used to make 1 gram.

Daily use:

1-4 dl per day. Suitable for all ages. The drink can be enjoyed as it is. First thing in the morning and about an hour before meals during the day.

Storage: After opening the bottle, keep it closed with a stopper and protected from light in the refrigerator. Use within a week.

Coniferous extract drink is made using a method based on Finnish tradition.

Coniferous extract Drink is suitable for all ages.

Nutritional Ingredients (100ml):

Energy 6kJ / 1 kcal | Fat 0g, of which saturates 0g | carbs

0,4g of which 0g of sugars Protein 0g | Salt <0.05 g *

* The product does not contain added salt. The salt content is calculated from the natural sodium in the product.

The Conifer Extract Drink is being studied by the University of Turku.

The University of Turku wanted to find out whether there is a scientific explanation for ancient experiential knowledge. Recently, there is increasing evidence that the extracts already used by folk healers were powerful antioxidants. This is also the case with the Nutrition Ring coniferous extract - its antioxidant properties are extremely high, says Professor Kalevi Pihlaja.

Antioxidants are substances that are known to prevent, at least in some cases, the side effects of free radicals in the oxidation reaction. Flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which are also present in the coniferous extract drink, have been found in the literature to have various beneficial effects on health.

Based on the chemical findings of the studies and the experience of those who have used the coniferous extract, its good content is not by faith alone. It's worth trying, and continuous use is not a bad thing, says Professor Kalevi Pihlaja.
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