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Very limited availability. Contains 50% bear fat.

Dark soap with tar.

Soap Ingredients: Finnish bear fat *, water *, rapeseed oil *, lye, organic coconut fat, rice oil, tar *. (* Finnish / Northern Karelian raw material!)

Story. In the middle of summer, the King of the Forest invited the Duchess for a day. He made Tapio's table gorgeous with bread and honey, honey wine, berries and wildflowers. So beautiful was the day, the table so abundant and so strong and handsome the King of the Forest that the Lady fell in love. The forest king promised to cherish and protect the Duchess, who promised to support and help him in all his work. They enjoyed the table and were sticky with honey and berries. As they bathed, the Duchess asked the Forest King for fat. The king asked, "Why?" He replied that they would need it for babies who would come in the winter. The king gave his belly fat to the Empress. Taking the ash from the sauna cauldron, he mixed it with spring water and cooked it with fire. At the end of the day, the Duchess took her soup and stored it in their home. Winter came, babies were born and spring came again. For the first time in the children's sauna, the King of the Forest and Duchess used the soap that Duchess had made of his fat to wash their winter fur. Contains 50% Kontio fat.

INCI: tallowate from bear *, aqua *, brassica napus *, sodium hydroxide, cocos nucifera **, ricinus communis, Pinus pix * * Finnish source. ** Certified organic source.
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