Local Products

Local Products

Here you will find the province's clean and best products, made with long-term experience and proven to be good. The company has selected the best raw materials that are "matured" in the purity of nature. In the manufacturing process, it is desired to preserve the products as such which have been found to have beneficial effects on health. Our product range will be expanded in this direction.

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Sauna scent tar 100 ml

Product no.: 017

Sauna scent tar 100 ml

In Stock
Delivery weight: 120 g

Organic Honey Cake Sola soap

Product no.: 030

SOLA soap 60 g

Delivery weight: 60 g

Ginger Delight Sola Soap

Product no.: 020

60 g. Purity without artificial substances.

In Stock
Delivery weight: 60 g

Pork roast 250/225 g

Product no.: 508812

Pork roast 250/225 g

1 kg = 30.22 €
In Stock
Delivery weight: 250 g

Tar soap

Product no.: 0003

Tar shampoo 250 ml

7.50 €
You save 20 %
In Stock
Delivery weight: 320 g

Tar shampoo

Product no.: 018

Effectively cleansing shampoo.

In Stock
Delivery weight: 260 g

Hug Natural Sola Soap

Product no.: 0027a

Sola Soap

In Stock

Tar man's skin oil 75 ml

Product no.: 008

Tar man's skin oil 75 ml,

genuine natural product.

In Stock
Delivery weight: 75 g

Gift Box - Honey Sauna

Product no.: 019
Gift box - Honey Sauna

Package includes Heart of Oak Honey Shampoo 250 ml, Honey Spruce Wax 200 ml and sponge sisal.

Packed in a durable and recyclable cardboard box
22.10 €
You save 46 %
Delivery weight: 60 g

Spruce resin oil 50 ml

Product no.: 312

A safe natural product for skin problems.

In Stock
Delivery weight: 25 g

Mevate-cream 55 ml

Product no.: 311

Used for itching, rashes, hands and feet, and curing.

22.00 €
You save 36 %
In Stock
Delivery weight: 55 g

Tar ointment 38 ml

Product no.: 015

Treatment for skin symptoms.

In Stock
Delivery weight: 20 g

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