55+ and vitality!

Vitality 55+

Vitality 55+

Lets now  consider only a few important vitamins and minerals-Calcium enhances the ability of leukocytes to devour pathogens, it reduces vascular permeability and sensitivity to allergens, has an anti-inflammatory effect, is a factor in blood coagulation, and so on. Boron normalizes the work of the endocrine glands, it helps improve the exchange of magnesium, fluorine and calcium - the elements that are the main material for "building" bones, and thereby strengthens and improves the structure of the skeleton.

Sex hormones are also very important for the condition of bones, and boron increases their level in the body, and this is especially important for women in the age of menopause. Vitamin D is transformed in the body just under the influence of boron, and this also helps the absorption of calcium. In general, for the health of the bone system, boron is exactly necessary, and many diseases of the musculoskeletal system are facilitated by its additional application - for example, in the composition of vitamin-mineral complexes.


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Sun D

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AstaCaps 60 caps./36 g

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