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Roasted crushed flax + lingonberry 300 g

Valo24 roasted crushed flax + lingonberry 300g

From: € /per month

Smoked Perch in oil 800/650 g

Smoked perch in oil 800/650 g

Savuahven by Pielisen Kalajaloste Oy comes in cans of 210 g and 800 g. This product is nothing but the most delicate and rich in valuable protein canned fish. Hot smoking of perch fillet occurs through alder smoke under the strict supervision of professional technologists and just lovers of their family business. Canned foods do not contain any additives or preservatives. Juicy fillet of perch with an attractive golden color, carefully laid out in the package, is washed in slightly salted canola oil. This canned food will worthily decorate any table, whether it is festive or an everyday one.

19.90 €
1 kg = 14.00 €
You save 16 %
Delivery weight: 1,200 g
From: € /per month

Roasted crushed flaxseed + blueberry

Roasted crushed flaxseed + blueberry 300g

From: € /per month

Vendace in spice oil 150/200 g

Muikku mausteöljyssä, weigh of 200g. This canned fish is a compromise for connoisseurs of wholesome and lovers of tasty. Muikku mausteöljyssä represents delicate pieces of Whitefish. Alder smoke provides the exact mode of hot smoking for the preservation by the fish of all beneficial properties. Spicy freshly ground pepper, fresh dill and saturation of onions give the canned food a piquant taste.

4.10 €
1 kg = 26.00 €
You save 5 %
Delivery weight: 250 g
From: € /per month

Vendace in spice oil 210 g

Vendace from Pielinen 150/200 g

1 kg = 30.00 €
Delivery weight: 250 g
From: € /per month

New Smoked vendace in oil 800/550 g

Savumuikku by Pielisen Kalajaloste Oy comes in three different weight variants: 210, 800 and 1170 g. This is a combination of impeccable taste, perfect texture of Whitefish pieces and an appetizing alluring aroma. A special family technology of hot smoking allows saving all the benefits of the product for the consumer. A different packaging format will help you choose the most suitable jar of canned food for your purposes, whether it is the need for a nutritious snack on a trip, on a hike; noisy crowded holiday or a modest quiet lunch.

1 kg = 23.27 €
Delivery weight: 900 g
From: € /per month

Garlic vendace 150/200 g

Garlic vendace 150/200 g

5.30 €
1 kg = 27.33 €
You save 23 %
Delivery weight: 250 g
From: € /per month

New Smoked perch 210/150 g

Smoked perch 150/210 g

210 g = 5.46 €
Delivery weight: 210 g
From: € /per month

Psyllium 200g organic

From: € /per month

Valo24h roasted crushed flax + buckthorn

Valo24 roasted crushed flax + buckthorn 300g

From: € /per month

Roasted crushed flax (Flax groats) 300 g

Roasted Crushed flax (Flax groats), 300 g

Fiber, Flax, Grist

Properties: gluten-free, lactose-free, no additives, vegan
From: € /per month

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