Our microabsorbable® products are the pinnacle of product development in food supplements. Innovative technologies and product development have improved the absorption of food supplements very effectively. Micro-absorbable® preparations are now available directly from the oral mucosa.

The effectiveness of microabsorbable® supplements is based on the fact that they do not need nutrients to destroy nutrients to be absorbed, but are absorbed from the oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, Microabsorbable® preparations do not irritate the stomach. Intestinal problems also do not prevent the absorption of the dietary supplement.

Sublingual absorption does not yet make the product microabsorbable: in addition, the molecule must be processed so small that it can fit through the oral mucosa into the bloodstream.

The brands of the Microabsorbable series are Superior Source's resorbable vitamins and minerals and ionic Futmed minerals, or electrolytes.

Micro-absorbable® preparations also have strong therapeutic concentrations, so they are also used to treat severe and chronic deficiency conditions. Our products are recommended by doctors at the Antioxidant Clinic.

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Superior Source, Advanced B-12, 2 000 mcg, 60 microLingual Instant Liuenna -tablets

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Resveratroli 100 mg Super Source

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Just women iron Rautavalmiste25 mg

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