Working memory and brain.

Working memory and brain.

Working memory is located in many parts of the brain.

Anyone can influence the risk factors for Alzheimer's with their own lifestyle. The risk of disease can be reduced and the onset of the disease possibly delayed for several years, inter alia, by the following means.
1- Keep up a good mood
Keeping a good mood is not that easy, of course, but there is a tool that immediately affects our brain and has a very positive effect - this is music.

Music plays a very important role in brain well-being. It delivers pleasure, relieves stress and prevents depression. Any music is good for the brain, as long as the listener likes it. The best thing is if you can combine music and exercise.

Research conducted by Associate Professor Teppo Särkämönöjö has shown that the cognitive and emotional capacity of memory-impaired people can be supported by music, especially in the early stages of dementia.
2- Put your brain to work! Always use your brain!
An active lifestyle and learning new things will protect you from memory illnesses. The more you use your brain the better.
Read, travel, make crosswords, meet people, learn a new language or a new skill. Any new challenge is good for the brain.
 3- Sleep Enough!

Sleep is very important for brain and memory well-being. During sleep, your brain is resting and parsing the information you have received during the day.

A restful sleep gives the brain the ability to store information. Tired of learning new things is much harder to learn than resting. It is only at rest that creativity, for example, is unleashed.
 4- Avoid stress
Make every effort to keep your life in balance. A good day involves eight hours of work, eight hours of meaningful leisure and eight hours of sleep 8 + 8 + 8 !!!.
You don't have to agree to be available 24/7 + take out your phone ... If getting out of work and in a hurry is difficult, you might want to try mindfulness or something else that makes sense to you.

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